We are looking for the best and brightest candidates across health care and from other industry sectors to be part of our team and help us fulfill our mission. We are tasked with an important and challenging mission to develop, test, and scale models of care that create better health outcomes, increase patient satisfaction for the people we serve. Our Company has a deep knowledge of the Diagnostics care system, and the energy and innovation of a start-up organization. We are looking to create exciting careers and learning opportunities for self-motivated youngsters who enjoy interacting with people for the following positions.

Job Openings

Consultant Radiologist

  • Qualification :- MD, Radiology (fulltime/permanent)
  • Vacancies:- 2 (Male/Female)

Consultant Microbiologist

  • Qualification :- MD, Microbiology (fulltime/permanent)
  • Vacancies:- 1 (Male/Female)

HR Manager

  • Qualification :- MHA/MBA
  • Experience:- 5-8 Years Experience in Hospital Industry
  • Vacancies:- 1 (Male/Female)

Front Office

  • Qualification :- BSC/MSC
  • Experience:- 2-5 Years Experience in any Corporate organisation/Hospital industry
  • Vacancies:- 2 (Male/Female)
  • Description:- Patient Care , Front Desk

Billing Executive

  • Qualification :- BCA/BBA/ACCOUNTANT
  • Experience:- 1-5 Years Experience in any Corporate organisation
  • Vacancies:- 2 (Male/Female)
  • Description:- Disaster Management,Accounting,Billing,Customer Handling

Medical Typist

  • Qualification :- BSC/MSC
  • Experience:- 3-5 Years Experience in Medical Typist
  • Vacancies:- 3 (Male/Female)

Maintenance Manager

  • Qualification :- Any Graduate with Equivalent job profile in reputate Organisation
  • Experience:- 3-5 Years Experience in Hospital Industry
  • Vacancies:- 2 (Male/Female)
  • Description:- Patient Care taking, Tracing , Co-operate with departments to Clients/Patients/Sub staff

Sales & Marketing Manager

  • Experience:- 3-5 Years Experience in Medical Medical, Diagnostics, Health & life science Services.
  • Vacancies:- 1 (Male/Female)
  • Description:- Interpersonal Communication, Selling, Lead Generation, Liaison, New Client, Corporate Selling

Sales Executive

  • Qualification :- MBA/BBA/ OR Equivalent
  • Experience:- 3-5 Years
  • Vacancies:- 5 (Male/Female)
  • Description:- Promotions, Concept Selling, field analysis, Sales strategy , key account , Inside Sales


  • Experience:- 2-5 Years Experience, DMLT, MLT, OR Equivalent
  • Vacancies:- 4 (Male/Female)
  • Description:- Phlebotomy, Pathology, Training Programs, Home Collection


  • Vacancies:- 5 (Male/Female)
  • Experience:- 1-10 Years experience in any reputed organisation.

Job Application


    We have well planned induction & new hire Support programme to help new associates

    Through “Curewell EasyLive , Privilege Wellness Card”

    We believe in equal opportunity & fairness at the work place and have a grievance redressed committee in place, we provide growth opportunities to associates by offering stretch assignments & opportunity to work in cross – functional terms.

    We invite you to Explore the Vast possibilities at Curewell Medical Imaging & Curewell EasyLive, Discover a Rewarding life at innovation team work, Achievement & Camaraderie.

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